Rajwayu Raj Samhita Gutika

Sizes Available: 60 capsules

Price: Rs.

  • Novel composition of high quality standardized extracts and purified powders of ingredients reported to have Lekhaneeya (scraping) and Deepaneeya (improving digestion strength) properties as described in Ayurveda literature.
  • Two-Way approach from FAT to FIT:
    • Reduces existing extra fat by stimulating lipolysis leading to fat burning;
    • Prevents accumulation of extra fat by improving fat metabolism, decresing fat absorption and reducing excess hunger."
    Liver is considered as major organ responsible for immunity. As per recent scientific research, the liver has been proposed as an immunological organ of the body. Liver health plays key role in immunity. Raj Serene Gutika contains ingredients like Bhui Amla and Kutki, which are reported to have liver protection and liver function improvement properties in both Ayurveda literature as well as recent scientific studies.

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